Saturday, June 18, 2011

Bloomington Wesleyan Methodist Cemetery, Whitechurch-Stouffville.

Grave of Maxon Jones

Bloomington Wesleyan Methodist Cemetery is located on the east side of the 9th Line south of Bloomington Road.  The church which is now a private home is located to the north of the cemetery, this property has been severanced and is no longer part of the cemetery.  

The land for the first church was originally sold to the Methodist Church by Maxon Jones in 1869 for the sum of $ 50.00.  In 1871 he sold an additional acre to the church for another $ 50.00 for the cemetery. But the  earliest burial took place in 1847 for Thomas Anderson of County Tyrone, Ireland. Maxon Jones, his wife  and several of his children are buried here at the back of the property.

The church became part of the United Church of Canada in 1925.  The last service took place on June 18th, 1939.  Miss Hannah Fairless who was the oldest living member was given the honour of being the last to leave the church and close the door. She died in 1941 and was buried along side other family members in this cemetery. Although, I was unable to locate any marker for the Fairless family. Their names do appear in the last transcription that was completed in the late 1980's.

In 1997 the cemetery was transferred to the care of the Town of Whitechurch-Stouffville.

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  1. I would like to know if Maxson's father, Norman Jones is buried here.