Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Ebenezer Wesleyan Methodist Cemetery, Deerhurst

Cemetery was actually est in 1830 along with the first church.
The above date  references the building of last church on this site.

History of Deerhurst

Headstone of James and Joanna Tindall
who donated the land for the church & cemetery in 1830

Corner stone of the last church built on this site
in 1880.

The Samuel & Mary Neilly Cairn
who settled in this area in 1831. Cairn was erected in 1931
by their descendants

Marker of an unnamed infant

Early Graves from 1830's

Ebenezer Wesleyan Cemetery is located in the hamlet of Deerhurst in Bradford West Gwillimbury, on lot 16 concession 12.  It is just north of the Line 12 on the east side of Yonge Street.  

The land was donated by James Tindall a native of Yorkshire England in 1830 for the building of a church and establishment of a cemetery.  There have been a total of three church buildings, the second was built in 1850 and the third in 1880.  The corner stone of the third church is located to the north side of the property where the building once stood, the building was removed in 1966.  

James Tindall and his wife Joanna are both buried in this cemetery along with a number of his descendants.

The cemetery is still receiving burials for those with family plots. It is maintained today by the town of Bradford West Gwillimbury and is designated as an historical site.