Monday, August 5, 2019

Kidd Cemetery/Vault - Caledon ON

First of all, please forgive the spelling error at the beginning of the video. It's meant to be 'Hidden" not 'Hiden." Thanks!

I have been looking for this vault for years, ever since I first heard of it and was about to give up. Then suddenly completely by accident I found the exact location on a post in Find a Grave.

Well, I could not resist, so I went there as soon as I possibly could. It did not disappoint. The only problem is the history. There appears to be several stories surrounding the vault's origins, none of which I could substantiate. But this is what I know.

The Kidd Cemetery was established in 1882 when John Kidd had his daughter who died in 1854 at the age of twelve moved to the property from her original burial site. The stone burial vault was built in 1892 just before his wife Jane's death in 1893. John would die in 1895 at the age of 97 and he would be entombed  along with his wife and daughter in the vault. But there is speculation that there is a fourth entombment, that being of John's son, George. There is no indication at all at the site that this is a fact. A large monument is located at the back of the crypt, with the names of John and his wife Jane. There are also the remnants of a gravestone from 1854 on what is actually the roof of the crypt. The crypt is built into a hillside. This gravestone is believed to be that of his daughter, Ann who died in 1854.

The crypt has been vandalized a couple of times so a new door with an alarm has been installed. The neighbors in the area also keep a close watch on anyone seen around the vault. So keep that in mind if you intend on visiting.