Saturday, February 26, 2011

Forgotten Graves

They are found in most cemeteries, the forgotten graves.  The last resting places of those have come before, their monument to their existence, moss covered, broken and weather worn to where no name can be read. No one comes to pay tribute any more.  A silent reminder of a past life.  They are the forgotten graves.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Grahamsville United Church Cemetery, Malton

Stone Cairn at Grahamsville Cemetery

Grahamsville United Church Cemetery aka Shiloh Wesleyan Methodist Cemetery is located on the west side of Airport Rd just south of Steeles Ave in the Malton area of north Mississauga.

 It was established in 1843 on land donated by Thomas Graham founder of Grahamsville. The Shiloh Chapel (Wesleyan Methodist) was also established that same year. The first burials took place in 1846. 

In 1868 the wood frame chapel was replaced with a brick structure and in 1869 the property was deeded over to the congregation by Jeremiaha and Rebbecca Cummings and then became known as the Shiloh Wesleyan Methodist Church. 

In 1925 the congregation joined the United Church of Canada where it finally became known as the Grahamsville United Church. The last service was held on June 24th, 1964, the church was later demolished. The cemetery was offically closed in 1962.

This cemetery no longer exists at this location. It was removed sometime between 2013-2015. The land is to be developed for commercial use.  R.I.P.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Colerain Burying Grounds, Nashville

Coleraine Burying Grounds

This stone cairn is located on the north side of Major Mackenzie Dr. west of Huntington Rd. in the Nashville area of the City of Vaughan.  

The burial grounds was  associated with the Colraine Wesleyan Methodist Church which was located on the north side of Colraine Rd.  There are no longer any head stones on the grounds just the cairn which is located at the front of the acreage.  There is also very little information on this cemetery and the Twp of Vaughan in 1968 indicates this in the inscription that the cairn is dedicated to those interned here "known and unknown". 

This property today is owned and maintained by the City of Vaughan.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Pine Grove Congregational Church Cemetery, Woodbridge

Stone Plaque for the Pine Grove Cemetery

Stone Cairn at Pine Grove

Pine Grove Cemetery is located on Gamble St. in the Woodbridge section of the City of Vaughan. It is situated on top of a hill on the south side of the street. Unless your are looking for it, it is a bit difficult to see. The land was donated to the Pine Grove Congregational Church in 1839 by James and Sarah Worts who purchased the land from George Stegman. Pine Grove was the name of the village or hamlet in this area at that time.  The first assembly of the church was on January 1, 1841 and brick building was erected in Sept 1867 on this site, it was destroyed by fire in 1902.

The head stones were restored and have been gathered into a cairn that is located in the centre of the property by the Twp of Vaughan in 1968.  The cemetery is owned by the City of Vaughan.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Edgeley Cemetery, Concord

Edgeley Cemetery

Stone Cairn with Settler Headstones

Stone Cairn for Edgeley Meeting House

Gates to Edgeley Cemetery

Founding of Edgeley

Edgeley Cemetery aka Edgeley Mennonite Cemetery is located on the west side of Jane St south of Hwy 7 in the Concord area of the City of Vaughan.

Settlers from Sommerset Pennsylvania arrived in this area cira 1800. Names such as Shunk, Smith, Dalziel and Snider  were common to this area well in to the 20th century and many of these early pioneers are resting in this spot. 

The stone cairn in the north east corner of the lot marks the original location of the log meeting house which was built in 1824.  In 1976 the structure was moved to Black Creek Pioneer Village. 

The cemetery is now owned by the City of Vaughan.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Lundy's Family Farm & Mount Oliver Wesleyan Methodist Cemeteries, Brampton

Lundy's Farm Family Burial Ground and Mount Olivet Wesleyan Methodist Church Cemetery are located on the west side of Dixie Rd just north of Northpark Dr. in the City of Brampton. Although located in close proximity of each other, they are in fact two distinct cemeteries.  The Wesleyan Methodist Cemetery was est in 1851 on land donated by Able and Sarah Stafford. At the north west corner of the property stood a stone church which was demolished in 1950.  Remnants of its foundations can still be seen.

It is not really known why the Lundy's chose to bury separately, one reason may be that the first burial in the family occurred before the Wesleyan Methodist Cemetery was established and that they just continued to use the north lot.  Francis Lundy originated from Ireland and came to Upper Canada in 1823. He was given the land as a Crown Grant.  His farm was located to the north of the burial ground where the subdivision is now.

Francis Lundy his wife, four of his children and three grandchildren are buried at this location.  A gate once stood on the Dixie Rd side that was donated by his great-great grandchildren.  Both cemeteries are now owned and cared for by the City of Brampton.

Snell Cemetery (Zion Wesleyan Methodist), Brampton

This obscure little cemetery is located on the N/W corner of Kennedy Rd and Sandalwood Pkwy in the City of Brampton.  Historically it is know for the site of the Zion Wesleyan Methodist Church. The first burial took place in 1846 and the last in 1925.  There are only four headstones now visible on this site, one is that of John Snell who in his time was one of the foremost breeders of livestock in Canada. The site is now owned by the City of Brampton.

Bertram's (Old Zion) Cemetery, Brampton

Bertram's Cemetry

Grave of Caleb Groat Veteran of the Battle of Lundy's Lane

Smashed Headstone Unknown

Thornton Grave, Child 3 years

Bertram's Cemetery aka Old Zion Cemetery is located on the N/W corner of Wanless Dr and Hurontario St in the City of Brampton.  The name Bertram is not because any of the Bertram family are buried here or that they donated the land, it is due to the fact that at one time they owned the land that the cemetery is on.  The cemetery was est. 1831 on land that was leased by George Raniser to a group of cemetery trustees for a term of 999 years. In 1851 a Common School and Meeting house was built on the site. In 1862 a brick building replaced the log structure. This building was used by different evangelical bodies (according to the census of that time). In 1909 a new large stone structure with a basement was constructed for Section School # 10 (S.S.#10). These buildings were eventually abandoned in the early 1920's and the Bertram's purchased the land to raise Ayrshire cattle.

The last burial took place for Benjamin Booth in 1894 and Caleb Groat a veteran of the Battle Lundy's Lane was buried here in 1854. His head stone is still standing at the n/w end of the lot.

The land was then sold to the OSECO in 1965. This company is now long gone but the drive way and lot still remain.  The cemetery now belongs to the city of Brampton.

Zion Cemetery, Brampton

Zion Cemetery

Head Stone of Elizabeth Bodden

Head Stones of John & Margaret Watson
Zion Cemetery is located on the S/E corner of Conservation Dr and Hurontario St in the City of Brampton directly in front of the Conservation Dr. Plaza.  The land for the church site and burial ground was donated by John Watson Sr. to the Christain Brethren Baptist Church.  The plaque on the cairn gives the date of 1815, but the Perkins Bull transcripts state 1851. The church was not built until the 1840's, it was taken over by the Wesleyan Methodist's in the 1860's and was eventually demolished in the early 1900's.  The earliest burial was that of Rose Vodden in 1843 and the last registered one was in 1951.  The cemetery is now under the care of the City of Brampton.

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Caesar's (Wesleyan Methodist) Cemetery, Caledon

Caesar's (Wesleyan Methodist) Cemetery is located in Caledon on the S/E corner of Dixie Rd and Boston Mills Rd.  It was est. in 1820 and closed in 1961 although there were two more burials one in 1973 and the other in 1975.  The land was donated by James Caesar who built the first church on this site. When the building burnt down a second  one (this building no longer exists either) was built across the road on the S/W corner but the original burying ground remained and has always been refered to as Caesar's Cemetery. Caesar's Cemetery was a free burying ground except for grave fees. It is maintained today by the Town of Caledon.

Mayfield United Church Cemetery, Caledon

Mayfield United Church Cemetery was est. in 1842, but the first burial was for Patrick Spiers Jnr., in 1836. His father Patrick Spiers Snr., donated the land in 1842 for a church and burial ground. The second church on this site was built in 1875 and still stands today and still conducts services. Most of the head stones have been gathered into two cairns at the west end of the burial lot. They say everyone buried here is related.  That's entirely possible as most families back in the 1800's married within their community.  Who else did they have.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Wesleyan Methodist Cemetery, Nobleton

Base of Old Water Tower
This Wesleyan Methodist Cemetery known as The Cemetery on the Hill or The Water Tower Cemetery was established around 1849 in the town of Nobleton in the Twp of King. It is located, on top of the hill,  on the north side of King St approx 5km west of Hwy 27.  What's left of the old head stones have been gathered in to two rows that are located along the east side and center of the lot.  There are a few stand alone monuments still left on the grounds. The name "The Water Tower Cemetery" derived from the fact that at one time a water tower stood on the west side of the property, the base of which can still be seen.  The cemetery was offically closed in 1905.

Churchville Cemetery, Brampton

Founding of Churchville.

Church Family Graves

Wooden Marker of
Amaziah Church, Founder of Churchville.

Churchville Cemetery is located in the City of Brampton. It was established in 1822 the land was donated by Andrew Scott. The first registered burial was on September 7, 1831 of Amaizah Church who was the founder of Churchville Village.  His grave is the only one marked by a wooden monument.  The cemetery is still active to this day and is owned by the plot holders and managed by a volunteer board.
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