Saturday, June 4, 2011

Reupard's Settlement Pioneer Burying Ground, Maple

Headstone of Peter & Susanna Rupert

Three Children of James & Susan Nicholls

Reupard's Settlement Pioneer Burying Ground (Sherwood), aka White Chapel Wesleyan Methodist Cemetery is located at the N/W corner of Rutherford Road and Barrhill Road in the Maple area of the City of Vaughan. The cemetery and church site was established on land donated by Peter Rupert aka Reupard in 1839, Reupard's Chapel was established in 1840.  Although the earliest marker in the cairn is dated 1811.

In 1869 a notice was issued to re-built a bigger church on the site, this was defeated for a new location in Maple.  The cemetery was officially closed in 1925 and in 1966 the Twp of Vaughan gathered the remaining headstones into the cairn that is located in the center of the property,  Today this site is owned and maintained by the City of Vaughan. 

An historic note is that Peter Rupert's home was the site of the first school in then Vaughan Twp. He and his wife Susanna were both buried in this cemetery. A portion of their headstone can be found in the cairn.

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