Friday, June 10, 2011

Hornby Presbyterian Church & Cemetery, Halton Hills.

Archive Photo of Hornby Presbyterian Church

Grave of Catherine Barr wife of  Rev.William Barr first minister of
Hornby Presbyterian Church

Rachael wife of David Brooks
Church trustee

The first church on this site was a wood framed one built in 1835.  Rev. William Barr was the first minister, of whom there is no record.  His wife Catherine died in 1857 and is buried in the cemetery and it is believed that he may have concluded is pastorate shortly after her death.  One of the early burials is that of Rachael Brooks  in 1838 she was the wife of David Brooks who was one the trustees.

The original church was replaced in 1878 with a brick one seen in the archive photo above and was built by John Hunter of Milton.  There was no organ at first, one was not installed until 1883. The congregation stood up to pray and sat down to sing.  

In January of 1976 the church building was destroyed by fire. Small foot prints were found in the snow around the church and many suspected arson was the cause.  However, no conclusion was ever reached as to the cause. (Georgetown Herald, 21 Jan 1976). 

The cemetery still receives burials for those who have family plots.

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