Saturday, June 18, 2011

Headford Church Cemetery, Richmond Hill

Heritage Plaque Headford Methodist Episcopal Church

Earliest Marker John Teasdale
16 years of age, 1851

Markers for Teasdale Family

George Teasdale aged 68.
Lost in Lake Michigan

Leek Family Graves

Headford Church Cemetery, aka Leek's Chapel Cemetery is located at 9550 Leslie Street on the west side, between 16th Avenue and Major Mackenzie Drive in the Town of Richmond Hill.

The present day church was built in 1882 it stands on the site where a small wooden chapel known as Leek's Chapel once stood. Prior to the building of the chapel meetings were held across the road at the farm of Pete Willis.  The church was originally Episcopal Methodist, now United Church of Canada.

The cemetery was established in 1850, on land sold to the trustees of the church by the Leek family for the sum of 5 shillings.  The earliest marker is for John Teasdale who died in 1851 at the age of 16 years.  The Leek family have a number of burials at the front of the property and their descendants are still being buried here to this day.  

The cemetery is managed by the Headford United Church Cemetery Board.

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