Monday, November 7, 2011

Boston Presbyterian Church & Cemetery, Halton Hills

Heritage Plaque

Church & Grounds

Grave of James Laidlaw 1820

Located at 9185 Third Line, Halton Hills, Boston Presbyterian Church and Cemetery was established in 1824 on land that was purchased from Andrew Laidlaw by the church trustees.  Prior to the first church and establishment of the cemetery the congregation met on the farm of Andrew Laidlaw from about 1820. As the above photo shows the Laidlaw family were already using the land for burials.  The area was and is still known as Scotch Block, due to the Scottish settlers that came either directly from Scotland or via the USA around 1819. 

In 1832 there was a large contingent who separated from this congregation, due to different views concerning articles of faith. This group would become the United Presbyterian Church, (Mansewood United Presbyterian), which is located a few kilometers down the road. This church was closed in 1931 and eventually removed from that site.

The present day church was build in 1868 and named after Thomas Boston, significants unknown,  the cemetery association was formed in 1911.  Boston Presbyterian Church is still an active parish and the cemetery is still used for burials. Both the church and cemetery are a designated heritage site.

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