Saturday, February 18, 2012

Burnhamthorpe Primitive Methodist Cemetery, Mississauga

Burnhamthorpe Primitive Methodist Cemetery

(South west corner of Burnhamthorpe Rd and Dixie Rd)

The cemetery is located in the old village of Burnhamthorpe (formally Sand Hill), now the City of Mississauga, which was named by John Adelson an immigrant from Burnhamthorpe England.

The land on which the cemetery is located was originally a crown grant to Abram Markle who sold the land to Levi Lewis in 1811.  In 1825 Lewis deeded nine-tenths of an acre to the trustees of the Methodist Episcopal Church for a public cemetery and school house.  The cemetery remained public until 1859 when it was deeded to the adjoining Primitive Methodist Church. 

In 1981 the cemetery was still in use and the Burnhamthorpe Public Library was built directly behind it.  The cemetery is well kept to this day. 

The cemetery has been transcribed three times since 1938, but a burial register had never been found.

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