Friday, July 19, 2019

St. Paul's & St. John's of Coulson's Hill (Bradford)

St. Paul's Anglican & St. John's Presbyterian are both located in Coulson's Hill in Bradford West Gwillimbury. They share a cemetery which is located between the two now abandoned church buildings.  

St Paul's was probably founded in the early 1840's the current church was originally built in 1854, was reconstructed in 1889 and rebuild again in 1916.  The first recorded burial was in 1842 for Jane Sheldon.

The Presbyterian church was found around the same time the current building was established in 1889. Burials like the Anglican church began in the early 1840's but the first church was built in 1857.

Both church buildings are no longer in use. The Presbyterian church closed sometime in the 1990's and relocated to a new building on the 10 Sideroad. The Anglican church closed sometime in the mid 2000's and joined the Trinity Anglican Church in Bradford.

Both cemeteries are well kept and still receive burials. 

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