Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Omagh Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Milton

Omagh Presbyterian Church

Omagh Presbyterian Church Cemetery is located at 2077 Britannia Road between Regional Road 25 and Thompson Road in the Town of Milton.  The land was purchased by the church trustees from Richard Moore a carpenter for 3 pounds. This parcel of land was conveyed forever to the trustees and their survivors and successors. 

The original church was a Methodist church and was built in 1838. The present day church which became a Presbyterian Church after deciding not to join the United Church of Canada in 1925 was built in 1908.  The building of the new church was done with the help of generous donations from Thomas Galbraith and John Ford, who both contributed the sum of $ 500.00 

The cemetery was enlarged in 1941 and another acre of land was donated in 1982. Richard Moore, Thomas Galbraith and John Ford all rest in this cemetery along with their families and their descendants. The cemetery still receives burials and is managed by a cemetery board. The Church still has Sunday services.

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