Saturday, November 27, 2010

Alloa Methodist Cemetery, Brampton

Corner Stone of SS No 6

 Alloa Methodist Cemetery, aka Home Church was est in 1828 and  is located on the south west corner of Creditview Rd and Wanles Dr.  The land was donated by William Clarridge for a schoolhouse, church and burying ground.

The church was built in 1862 on the opposite corner of Creditview Rd and Wanless Dr., which was then the farm of William Drinkwater.  The school was est in 1870.  None of these building exist today.

West side of Alloa Cemetery

Plaque donated by the descendants of the Settlers

South side of Alloa Cemetery

The head stones have been arranged in two rows, one on the west side of the property running north/ south and the other at the south side of the property running east/ west.

Although a number of the headstones are cracked and damaged the inscriptions are still legible on the majority.

The cemetery is maintained by the City of Brampton and is a designated heritage site.


  1. hello, i have a ancestor buried there , Jane Silverthorn nee Buchner , is there somewhere to park there ? thanks

    1. Hey, I live near hear and my uncle says there is parking there.