Please Excuse Me if I Have Errored

Like it says above, please excuse me if there are any errors in regards to information in this blog.  All efforts are made to ensure accuracy but sometimes the information gets a bit confusing.  Published information on these locations in most cases is a minimum of twenty years old, when I can find it.  There is a lot of gum shoeing involved here and a few times I have mixed information up because some of the names of these cemeteries are the same or similar to each other, especially with Presbyterian and Anglican Cemeteries. (St. Paul & Andrew were popular boys)  Also, I have found that a number of these cemeteries were know by other names, that is why I try and include all names that were used. Even the good people at the Ontario Genealogical Society get a but confused at times too.

But this is not going to stop me from slogging through water bogged burial grounds, tripping over buried headstones, fighting my way through over grown bushes and brush to emerge and scare some poor passers by as I suddenly appear from a long forgotten or old cemetery, when they lest expect it.  Not to mention that the local librarians now know me by name and have to remind me that its closing time.

Finally, I would just like to thank all those of you who visit my blog and take the time to share additional and personal information with me.


Sharon (aka) The Bone Yard Blogger

Yes I do, so once again, I will warn you not to follow too close behind me.