Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Munn's Cemetery, Oakville

Mary Wilcox d.  1820
First burial

Munn's Cemetery is located on the S/E corner of Dundas Street, (Hwy #5) and Sixth Line in the Town of Oakville. In 1808 Daniel Munn secured a crown grant of a approximately 200 acres, which became known as Munn's Corners.  His wife Millicent Post was from Postville which was located at Dundas Street and Seventh Line the next intersection to the east.  

In 1820 Daniel sold 72 perches approx 1/2 acre of his land to the local Yeoman for the sum of 10 pounds.  The deed was not registered until 1822.  It is generally believed that Danial was the first burial in the cemetery, as according to the Historical Society his era was 1779 to 1822. However, there is no tombstone with his name on it, there are a number for his ancestors and his wife Millicent is also buried there. But as indicated in the photo above the earliest marker is for Mary Wilcox who died in 1820.  The transcripts have her date of death in 1829, but the inscription when examined closely indicates 1820.

The Munn's farm stayed with the descendants until 1983 when it was sold to Senator Hays.  At this date the land is now being developed for a subdivision. The large trout pond on the Munn's/Hay's land is still located to the east of the property.  The cemetery is closed and is maintained by the Town of Oakville.


  1. I've always had the same interest as you. someone settled this land first and played a large role in shaping the area we live in.

    do you know much about who the original land owners were? We live on Riverbank Way, near the southwest corner of Neyagawa and Dundas. I've always been curious who the original land owners were here.

  2. Evp - YouTube
    Today, Munn's Cemetery is operated by the Town of Oakville. Location details: .... Many of the EVPs captured here have not been cleaned up or filtered to death.