Saturday, July 23, 2011

Mount Zion Cemetery, (Whaley's Corners) Brampton

Cairn with Head Stones from Early Burials

Heritage Plaque & Dedication

Corner Stone of the Third Church
est. 1867.

Kent Moument

One of the Original Gate Posts

Mount Zion Cemetery, aka Whaley's Corners Cemetery is located on the east side of Winston Churchill Blvd, north of Steeles Ave in the City of Brampton.  The land for the cemetery and Methodist Church was donated by the Kent family in the 1820's. There were three church buildings on this property the first in 1827 and the last in 1867.  The heritage cairn sits on the site of the last building which was closed in 1905 and sold at auction in 1918 and is directly behind the two original gate posts located at the front of the property.   

The cemetery was closed and  designated a heritage site by the City of Brampton in 1983. 

At present the cemetery is a bit neglected due to the on going road improvements on Winston Churchill Blvd.  Hopefully this will be corrected once these improvements are finished this fall.

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