Saturday, July 23, 2011

Milton Pioneer Cemetery, Milton

Bronte Pioneer aka Milton Pioneer Cemetery

Memorial to Jasper Martin Founder of Milton

Milton Pioneer aka Bronte Pioneer Cemetery is located on the east side of Bronte Street, south of Steeles Ave in Milton.  The name Bronte was probably given to the cemetery because of the street that it is located on and should not be confused with Bronte Village Pioneer Cemetery in Oakville.  

There is not a lot of information in regards to who donated or sold the land for the cemetery. But it is the  burial place for Jasper Martin the founder of Milton and his wife Sarah who both died in the early 1830's.  However, their head stones were removed to Milton's Evergreen Cemetery in the 1950's.  A number of head stones from the earlier burials have been placed in a long cement cairn at the east end of the property. 

In 1986 the Milton Historical Society with the cooperation of the Town of Milton, placed a bronze plaque in the center of the cairn in the memory of Jasper Martin d. 1833 and Sarah Martin d. 1830.

The cemetery is closed to burials and is a designated heritage site.

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