Friday, July 1, 2011

Lloydtown Pioneer Cemetery, Lloydtown, King Twp.

Grave of Jennie
Family Servant to Jesse Lloyd
First Burial

Grave of Phoebe Lloyd
Wife of Jesse Lloyd

Old Family Burial Site
W.M. Cemetery

Graves in Bushes

Family Plot M.W.Cemetery

Lloydtown Pioneer Cemetery aka Wesleyan Methodist Church Cemetery Lloydtown, is located on the north side of Rebel Lane which is just off of Main Street, in Lloydtown King Twp.  The land was donated by Jesse Lloyd whom Lloydtown was named for in 1834 when his family servant Jennie died.  Her grave is marked by a simple marker of field stone with a stone plaque that simply says "Jennie".

Although, the sign states Wesleyan Methodist Cemetery, the Lloyd's were Quakers as were many of the original settlers who arrived in the area in the early 1800's.  The Wesleyan Methodist Church was built in 1844 just north east of the cemetery and it is believed that the cemetery just simply got referred to as a Wesleyan Methodist Cemetery.  The church was destroyed by fire in 1908 and some of the slavaged material was used to build the Catholic Church in Schomberg.

Jesse Lloyd would be denied the right to be buried here due to his political beliefs and his participation in the Rebellion of 1837.  He would flee to America after the failed rebellion, dying there in 1838.  His wife Phoebe and daughter Hannah (Lloyd) Stogdill, who died in child birth at the tender age of 17, are both buried in the cemetery as are may of his descendants.  Unfortunately, Hannah's grave can no longer be found. The marker may have been removed due to vandalism as there are a pile of damaged markers located at the rear of the property in the bushes. 

The cemetery fell into disarray after the last burial in 1944, it was designated as an historic site in 1972 and is  now maintained by King Twp and is closed to burials.

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