Monday, July 25, 2011

Black Creek Pioneer Village Pioneer Cemetery ( Who's Buried Here)

Although, this cemetery is technically located in Toronto, its roots are very much in the Region of York. Black Creek Pioneer Village is an reenactment of life in 19th century Canada. The cemetery, known as Townline Cemetery is located at the north west corner of the village next to the Fisherville Church. The church by the way was relocated from Fisherville in 1960 to the village, it is not the original Townline Church.

The land that the village is on was once the farm of Daniel and Elizabeth Stong, his two houses and barns are still on site and are also part of the village.  The cemetery was used between 1840 to the 1920's, Daniel and his wife along with other pioneers such as the Hoovers, Kaisers and Boyntons are buried here.  The cemetery is closed to the public and those who attend the village, it can only be viewed from the street side.  It is maintained by the Toronto Conservation Authority.

Cairn dedicated to the Stong Pioneer Family
By their Descendants in 1960

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  1. 46 markers, but no real idea who is all buried here.

    Then a part of the black creek that is located of the opposite corner of Jane and steeles has the Dalziel cemetery located on it that has roughly a dozen burials. But the public is forbidden to access it. It has been vandalized numerous times in the past but is now restored.

    Love your blog, so many places i would love to visit. Do you photograph individual stones as well?