Sunday, March 20, 2011

St. Mary's Anglican Cemetery, Brampton

It was believed that a relative of Dr. Robinson
was who the church was named after.

Well, I have St. Mary's Catholic Cemetery, and I could not leave out the Anglican version, which is located in Tullamore or Brampton, Ont on the S/E corner of Airport Rd and Mayfield Rd. The cemetery was established in 1833 and had burials up to the 1940's. There has been some restoration work done on some of the old headstones, but the location is not in the best condition. Most of the early burials are located near the fence line at the front of the property.

The first services were held at the home of John Corlett of Tullamore in 1832.  Tullamore was considered a mission and a church was not built until 1847.  The building was located to the rear of the cemetery and was named for Mary or Marion Townrow wife of James Robinson and daughter-in-law of Dr. John Robinson a notable person in the area at that time.

There are some conflicting stories about the demise of the church, one states that it burnt to the ground in 1916, and another has it torn down in 1925 and yet another states that it celebrated 100 years in 1934.  Some burials, James Archdekin and Isabel McClure, were relocated to the Brampton Cemetery in the 1930's.  Today the site is in the care of the City of Brampton.

I have received some recent information from a reader of my blog, informing me that the church building was demolished some time after 1948 as her brother was baptized at St.Mary's that year.  Thank you for the update. 


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