Tuesday, March 29, 2011

St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Nobleton

St. Andrew's  Presbyterian Church 

Corner Stone from Church Bldg.

Wilkie Family Plot

Headstone for Catherine Wilkie 8 mons

St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church of Scotland, was established in 1883. It is located on the west side of 10th Concession Rd in Nobleton and is in deplorable condition.

The cemetery was established in 1850, which was also the time of the first registered burial.  The church remained on this site until 1960 and then the building was removed. The only cairn on the property is the corner stone mounted in a rough iron frame.

The church building according to a rough map was located just to the south of the cairn.  There is a large sunken area here that is probably the old foundation.  Most of the monuments and headstones are broken and laying flat on the ground.

There is also a family plot for Wilkie encircled by a deteriorated iron fence at the rear which is extremely over grown and sad to say the least. There is only one small head stone left inside, for that of Catherine Wilkie, 8 months. There is another burial in this lot according to the last transcript for that of Angus, 44yrs of age.

The cemetery is maintained by the Township of King.

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