Saturday, November 1, 2014

Lone Plots - Old Barrie Road. Oro Medonte

Located on the north side of Old Barrie Rd, next to the new entrance of the Oro-Medonte Landfill Site, sit two lone grave sites.  If you blink you will miss them, there is no plaque or cairn to provide a history.  

One grave however has been marked with a modern marker slab that identifies Elizabeth Tuck, wife of David Thompson along with an infant daughter, died in 1879.  The other grave on this site is unknown, the marker long gone.

The Illustrated Atlas of the County of Simcoe 1881 shows that this land was jointly owned in 1881 by J. McIntyre and M. Bush.  Was Elizabeth Tuck related to one of these people and buried in a family plot on the side of this hill.  Who knows,

The author has come across some additional information while researching other cemeteries in this area. There appears to be a number of burials for Tuck in the Old Edgar Congregational Cemetery just a few kilometers east of this location.  It is highly possible that Elizabeth Tuck was related to these people. There are also burials for the Tuck family in the West Oro Baptist Cemetery on Bass Lake Rd & Line 4. 

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