Sunday, July 14, 2013

The Little Brick Church & Cemetery, Oro Station

Plaque explaining the establishing of Crawford Church

Church  Building c 1882.
The Little United Brick Church, aka The Ridge Road Church, aka The Crawford Church is located on Ridge Road just west of Line 6 in Oro Station.  In 1865 the first log church was situated just east of the present day building on land donated by Thomas Ross, maternal grandfather to the Emms family.  The brick church was built in 1882 on land donated by Charles Ross.  The builders of the present day church were Henry Crawford and his son George.  It was on Henry's farm, north east of here that the bricks were made and his son George was the lead carpenter.

West side original cemetery grounds

Old Crawford Graves

Emms Family Plot

The cemetery was established in 1882 with the first burial being for Anne Wasnidge.  In 1894 the cost of a burial plot was $ 4.00 each. For many years local storekeeper, Burt Graham hand dug the graves in this cemetery as well maintaining the church and the grounds.  He is buried here along with the Crawford's Graham's, Ross' and Emms'. The east side of the brick church were the drive sheds were once located is also now a cemetery which contains burials from the early 20th century. 

The church was Methodist by denomination and became United in 1925. According the the Twp burial register the church as known as the The Crawford Church up until 1915. 

The last regular service was held in March 1968.  Today the cemetery still received burials for those who have family plots and there is an annual memorial service held every year on the second weekend in July.


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