Sunday, April 21, 2013

Laskay Secessionist Presbyterian Cemetery, Laskay, King Twp.

Laskay Secessionist Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Laskay King Twp.

Located on the north side of Mill St in the village of Laskay, King Twp. is Laskay Secessionist Presbyterian Cemetery. It was established in 1858 on land that was donated by David Reesor of Markham. The church was Presbyterian Secessionist in denomination and was built two years before the cemetery was established in 1856.

The cemetery was abandoned in 1884 after only seeing 26 years of service. This was probably due to the establishing of the King City Community Cemetery 1886.  A number of graves from this site have been relocated to the King City Cemetery.

There are only two tall family monuments and another two single headstones visible on the property.  A fence surrounds the site making it not accessible along with signs stating "no trespassing, private property." A private home is just to the east of the cemetery on the same lot.


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  2. Minor correction - it's on the south side of Mill Street.