Wednesday, April 18, 2012

First Baptist Cemetery, Hammertown, Twp of King

Marker of Donald Kennedy
Native of the Highlands of Scotland

First King Baptist Cemetery is located on the east side of the 12 Concession Road, south of 17 Sideroad in Hammertown, in the Twp of King.  The land was initially part of the farm of Donald Kennedy and the cemetery was established originally in 1839 when Ann Kennedy the wife of Malcolm McQuarry died on February 29, 1839. 

The land which the church and cemetery were located was still owned by Donald Kennedy in 1878 according to the York County Illustrated Atlas.  There is no information on whether he ever deeded the land to the Baptist congregation.

The church building was destroyed by fire in 1970. There are very few markers left on the property and the last burial took place in 1935.  The property today is designated heritage site and is maintained by the Twp of King.

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