Thursday, April 14, 2011

St. Paul's Presbyterian Cemetery, (Linton) Nobleton

St. Paul's Presbyterian Cemetery, Linton

St. Paul's Presbyterian Cemetery, aka Linton Church Cemetery, aka Ninth Line Church Cemetery (Linton), was established in 1851 on land donated by James Stewart. It is located on top of a hill on the west side of Hwy 27 opposite Nobleton Lakes Golf Club. The church and cemetery were closed in 1958 when the congregation amalgamated with other congregations in the area. The church building was removed from the site shortly after but was demolished in 1973. The cemetery was placed in perpetual care in the late fifties.  Some burials have been removed to other cemeteries in the area. The Cemetery is managed by King Twp.


  1. Readers may find this small collection of photos taken 1970-1973 of interest:

  2. Hi! You may be interested to know that the congregation was closed prior to 1958, though I am not exactly sure how long before that. Most other Presbyterian congregations in the rural area had long closed prior. All that remained in King Township was St. Andrew's, King City. A church of the same name, St. Paul's, Nobleton, was planted in 1958 as a new work of the Presbytery of West Toronto. It was paired with King City until 1983, when each went on its own.

    Not sure who oversees the cemetery now, but it is definitely not St. Paul's Presbyterian Church in Nobleton.

    Always glad to learn more of the cemetery and the old church site. Mr. Burnham's photos are also interesting.

    All the best!

    Dr. Jeff Loach, Pastor
    St. Paul's Presbyterian Church, Nobleton