Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Hillcrest Cemetery, Norval

Gates to Hillcrest Cemetery, Norval

Pioneer Grave Sites

Old Headstones
Norval was founded about 1820 and was originally known as McNabsville, after its settler James McNabe. (see McNabe Family Cemetery under The Really Lost and Forgotten Page of this blog.)

Hillcrest Cemetery was originally a Presbyterian burial ground and the site of the first Presbyterian meeting house, which was a wood framed building located at the north end of the property by the fence line that currently separates the Anglican Cemetery from that of Hillcrest Cemetery.

Although the first deed was never registered in the lands records, a copy has been preserved and it shows that on October 18, 1839 James Mitchell sold 1/4 acre to the Trustees of the Presbyterian Church. Additional land for the cemetery was purchased in 1862, 1889 and 1909.  Hillcrest in now a non-denominational cemetery and is still active, it is managed by a cemetery board of trustees.  Unfortunately the original burial records for Hillcrest have been lost, but there is a map of plot holders in the possession of the trustees. 

Several monuments from both the McNab Family Cemetery and the Stephan's Family Cemetery have been relocated to the Hillcrest over the years.

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  1. Can you tell me anything about the house that appears to be located on the Hillcrest Cemetery itself? I'm writing a book and I find that it has given me a bit of inspiration. I'm just not sure if the house is actually located on the cemetery or if it is just a oddly placed lot with the cemetery on two sides of it.