Thursday, April 7, 2011

Glen Williams Cemetery, Georgetown (Glen Williams)

Glen Williams Cemetery est 1833

Gates of Glen Williams Cemetery

Ackert Family Crypt

Nautical Headstone for McMaster

Broken Headstone Unknown

Glen Williams Cemetery is located in the village of Glen Williams, Georgetown on the north side of Prince Street.  The village was originally called Williamsburg until 1851 when a post office was established. Since there was already a Williamsburg, the village was renamed Glen Williams. The "Glen" refers to the location of the village in a glen, not to an individual person.  The name Williams is one of the founding families.

Burials have taken place in this cemetery since 1833, but it was not officially conveyed to the village of Glen Williams until after the death of Benajob Williams in 1851.  It was at this time that his son Charles donated the land as a public burying ground.  Most of the village families are buried here and it has always been non-denominational. There was no evidence of a cemetery at the Methodist Episcopal Church in the village.

The cemetery was expanded three times, once in 1905, 1919 and 1957.  The Williams family plot is located towards the front and center of the property and the area is encircled by a link chain.  The cemetery is still active and is managed by a cemetery board.

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