Monday, February 21, 2011

Pine Grove Congregational Church Cemetery, Woodbridge

Stone Plaque for the Pine Grove Cemetery

Stone Cairn at Pine Grove

Pine Grove Cemetery is located on Gamble St. in the Woodbridge section of the City of Vaughan. It is situated on top of a hill on the south side of the street. Unless your are looking for it, it is a bit difficult to see. The land was donated to the Pine Grove Congregational Church in 1839 by James and Sarah Worts who purchased the land from George Stegman. Pine Grove was the name of the village or hamlet in this area at that time.  The first assembly of the church was on January 1, 1841 and brick building was erected in Sept 1867 on this site, it was destroyed by fire in 1902.

The head stones were restored and have been gathered into a cairn that is located in the centre of the property by the Twp of Vaughan in 1968.  The cemetery is owned by the City of Vaughan.

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