Thursday, July 11, 2013

Wesleyan Old Methodist, Strange (King Twp)

Marker for Emma & Evenjaline Wood
Children of Joseph  & Catherine Wood
Both died March 1852, first burials

Grave marker of Lewis Wellman
Son of George & Sarah Wellman
Died April 1878 at the age of 2 mons.
One of the last burials.

Wesleyan Old Methodist Cemetery in the hamlet of Strange in King Twp is located on the east side of Weston Rd, north of King Rd. It is not a very conspicuous site to say the least, I found it by pure accident on day while sitting in traffic.  The cemetery is surrounded by trees and brush, with a small opening on to Weston Rd, where the sign is that marks its location.

The cemetery was established in 1852 on land owned by Peter McCallum.  A church did stand on the land until 1900, the cemetery was abandoned in 1878.  In 1900 J.D. McCallum purchased the land and built a sawmill which operated in the area for many years.  The congregation by this time had moved to Laskey Methodist Church in Laskey Ontario which is just a few kilometers south of this location at Weston Rd & King Rd.  

During the last transcription of this cemetery in 1989, there were 22 noted graves. Unfortunately, time has taken its toll and only 11 can now be accounted for.  The cemetery is maintained by the Township of King 

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