Sunday, July 14, 2013

Lawrence Cemetery, Barrie

Graves for the Lawrence family are just to the right
of this sign.  All are unmarked.

Lawrence Cemetery is located on the west side of Penetanguishene Rd south of Georgian Drive at Lot 5 Concession 1 on the out skirts of Barrie. 

The land was purchased in 1844 by the Wesleyan Methodist Church as a site for a chapel and burial ground from John and Clarissa Lawrence.  John and Clarissa along with their son, John Duffield Lawrence and his wife, a native woman (no name provided), are all buried in unmarked graves near the front of the property on the north side.  

The burials according to the OGS are mostly for the Lawrence and Hickling families, who are located at the rear of the property and are the only family that have marked graves on this site. 

There are twelve known burials; with the last burial probably occurring in 1909.  Shortly afterwards the site was abandoned. 

Today the area is a designated historical site, although in the early part of 2013 the City of Barrie has proposed closing the unused rear of the property.  It is the intention of the city to rezone and re developed this section of land.  They claim that there are no burials in this location.

Charles & Mary Hickling
Charles' grave is believed to be the last burial in this cemetery

More Hickling Family graves

Grave marker of Silas Hickling


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