Thursday, December 20, 2012

Clements Pioneer Cemetery, Innisfil

Clements Pioneer Cemetery is located on the south side of the 2nd Line, about 300 m east of Hwy 11 (Yonge Street) in the Town of Innisfil.  The cemetery was established in 1837 when Lewis Clement a United Empire Loyalist gave the land as a gift.  There does not appear to have been any church associated with this burial ground, but church services were known to be held at the home of James Sloan, who's house was on a  hill. It was because of this the area was called Churchill. 

A modern day iron fence and gate are located at the front of the property, where a plaque was placed in 1932 in the west side gate post dedicating the cemetery.  Today the cemetery is in the care of the Town of Innisfil and is closed to burials. 

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