Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Primitive Methodist Cemetery, Hammertown, Twp of King

Earliest Marker
Mary Stewart and son John

Stewart Family Monument

Marker of Matthew Stewart
15 years of age d. 1874
and Neil Stewart age 71 d. 1883

Hammerstone Primitive Methodist Church Cemetery is located on the west side of the 12 Concession Road, north of 17 Sideroad in Hammerstone, Twp of King.  The site is not very discernible from the road and is located behind a thick grove of shrubs and lilac trees up a small embankment.

Only two obelisk monuments are left standing one for the Wauby family located at the far west end on the property and the other for the Stewart family located at the front of the property. There are a few broken headstones about the grounds but there are no names on the fragments.

The church and cemetery were located on land owned by Neil Stewart, who's wife Mary and 14 month old son John were the first to be buried there in 1868.  In 1874 Neil's 15 year old son Mathew was also buried here and Neil would eventually join them in 1883 at the age of 71.

The church building was dismantled at some point and the stone was used in the construction of a private home.  Burials in this cemetery stopped after 1890 and today the site is in the care of the Twp of King.

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  1. we passed this place today, Aug 11, 2013. We stopped and took some pictures. We do sometime visit old cemeteries to read the headstone to give us an idea of the area and who must have lived in that area. My husband is very keen on reading them.
    Merl Mudalige