Friday, March 9, 2012

Trinity Wesleyan Cemetery, Mississauga

Craig Family Plot

Craig Family Monument

Cairn with early headstones including one of the first
burials in this cemetery the children of James and Jane Harrison
d. 1842. and  James Harrison d. 1847 

Slab Stone of Catherine Crawford wife of William
d. 1873

Trinity United Church Cemetery, Mississauga

Trinity Wesleyan Methodist Church was originally known as Hunt's Branch. The cemetery is located at the south/east corner of Dixie and Britannia Roads in Mississauga.  The cemetery is now in the middle of a very busy industrial area surrounded by logistics terminals, fast food restaurants and Toronto Pearson International Airport to the north.

In March of 1853 John Hunt a local preacher and his wife Susan, sold 1 rod and 14 perches of the west half of Lot 5 Conc. 4 East. The earliest recorded burial was that of the children of James and Jane Harrison, both in June of 1842, their headstone is in the cairn next to the Craig family plot. Burials continued up until the mid 1930's

The church was closed around the time of the creation of the United Church of Canada in 1925, and the building was demolished in 1946.  The cemetery is now maintained by the City of Mississauga

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  1. Would the Trinity Wesleyan Cemetery nave been archived under the Village of Hanlan or Malton?