Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Selby Burying Ground & Waddel Family Plot, East Gwilliambury

Selby Burying Ground

The Selby Burying Ground and Waddel Family Plot is actually two cemeteries.  The above photos are of the Selby Burying Ground, which is located on the west side of Leslie Street in the Town of East Gwilliambury, about 1 km north of the Village of Sharon.  

The land was given to John Waddel a surveyor from Durham, England in 1809.  John immigrated to Upper Canada via Pennsylvania in the early 1800's.  This section of the burying ground is reputed to be the one oldest cemeteries in York Region and is named after Thomas Selby an Irish settler and veteran of the War of 1812.  Both he and his wife Sarah are buried here.

In 1975 the headstones were gathered into center of the property and placed in these earthen cairns. A plaque at the front of the property dedicates the burying ground to the pioneers of the area. 

Waddel Family Plot

The Waddel Family Plot is located at the north east corner of the Selby Burying Ground.  It was granted by special deed in 1873 to be set aside for the use of the Waddel family. John and his wife Elizabeth are both buried here along with other members of the Waddel family. The first burials began in 1843 and continued until the mid 1880's. 

Beside the cemetery was a small log church known as The Sharon Methodist Church which was built in 1853.  The church was destroyed by fire in 1867 and was rebuilt in the Village of Sharon.  The area today is maintained by the Town of East Gwilliambury.

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