Thursday, September 15, 2011

Fisherville Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Thornhill

Heritage Cairn sits on the site of the Fisherville Church

Remnants of  Old Monuments found behind the Cairn

Earliest Marker found in Cemetery

Fisherville Presbyterian Church Cemetery, aka Fisherville United Church Cemetery is located up a steep embankment on the north side of Steeles Ave, just east of Dufferin Street in the Thornhill area of the City of Vaughan.  

Fisherville was founded by Jacob Fisher who in 1797 migrated with 22 members of his family from Pennsylvania to this area. He received a track of land that was located on the north side of what is now Steeles Ave and east of Dufferin Street were he established a sawmill.  His daughter Elizabeth Fisher, would later marry Daniel Stong who's farm was located at the south east corner of Jane Street and Steeles Ave, what is now the grounds of York University and Black Creek Pioneer Village. The houses and barns of the Stong Farm are now preserved and part of Black Creek Pioneer Village.
The church and cemetery were established around 1836, the earliest marker is 1840 for Isabel Watson.  The cemetery was closed to burials in 1905 and the church building was moved to Black Creek Pioneer Village in 1960.  The site was restored by the Twp of Vaughan in 1967, today it is maintained by the City of Vaughan.

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