Tuesday, July 12, 2011

St. Stephen's Anglican Church Cemetery, Hornby

St. Stephen's Anglican Church

St. Stephen's Cemetery
est. 1836.

St. Stephen's Anglican Church Cemetery is located on the south side of Steeles Ave, between Eighth and Ninth Lines in Hornby.  The building of the church began in 1836 on land that was donated by John Corwin on the north west corner of his farm.  The church was built on an angle to the property line so that the congregation, in Anglican tradition, faced the east when they worshiped at the alter.  This would explain the plot pattern in the original cemetery that was laid out in 1847, it is in line with the church building, while the newer cemetery has a north south orientation.

Burial plots originally cost 1 pound 5 shillings, in 1855 the cost increased to 2 pounds and then in 1860 to $10.00.  This money was used to maintain the cemetery and build the manse.

St. Stephen's is still an active congregation, the cemetery still receives burials and is managed by a cemetery board.

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