Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Church of Christ Cemetery, Milton

Omagh Church of Christ Cemetery is located on the south side of Britannia Road, between Thompson Road and Fourth Line.  The land was donated by James Beaty in 1850, the building was also designed by James and constructed under the direction of his brother W. C. Beaty who was also the first preacher.

The church's denomination was originally Disciples of Christ and this building was referred to as the Meeting House.  Originally the congregation worshiped at the Beaty home, they moved to the local school and then finally to the Meeting House. The cemetery is located on both sides of the church, but only a few pioneer graves remain on the west side. The transcripts show that there were members of the Beaty family buried in the cemetery, but only a couple of headstones in a small cairn remain and several for the Wales family.

An historical note, John Beaty Jr. a relative of James would go on to become Mayor of Toronto, 1879-1880 and also a Member of Parliament.  The Church has been an active congregation for 161 years, and the cemetery still receives burials.     

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