Thursday, July 14, 2011

Bowes United Church Cemetery, Milton

Bowes Family Plots

Grave of J.A. Bowes
Cast Iron Marker

Rev. George Ferguson
First Minister of the Wesleyan Methodist Church

Bowes United Church Cemetery is located on the east side of Regional Road 25 between Derry Road and  Britannia Road in Milton.   In 1827 Rev. Anson Green preached at the home of Joseph Bowes, by 1835 the congregation had grown too big to be accommodated at Joseph's home.  So Joseph and his neighbor John Willmott built a frame building which became known as Bowes Church on the southern corner of Joseph's farm with a cemetery beside it.  The building was dedicated in 1837, but a deed was not registered to the Methodist Church trustees until 1875. The church would join the United Church of Canada in 1925.  

By the 1950's membership was starting to dwindle and the congregation amalgamated with other churches in the area. In 1958 the church building was sold to the St. Clair Masonic Lodge Association who still own the building to this day.  The Cemetery is managed by the United Church of Canada, and appears to still receive burials for those with family plots.

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