Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Albion Congregation Church Cemetery, Caledon

Albion Congregational Church Cemetery or burying ground is located on the east side of Hwy 50, just north of Warbrick Lane. It is on top of a hill and access is by a set of wooden steps that lead up to the side walk.

Not much is really know about the cemetery, where it was located or how many burials were there. The cairn has only a few headstones and only one has a legible name, that of J.C Warbrick M.D. who was the son of James and Maria Warbrick who in 1850 deeded the land for the Methodist church and cemetery, located across the road opposite Laurel Hill Cemetery. 

Most of the burials in this cemetery were relocated in 1962 to Laurel Hill Cemetery, due to the widening of Hwy 50.  The church which once stood on this land was first built in the early 1840's and was the first church built in the Bolton area.  After the death of the Rev Joseph Wheeler the congregation dwindled and the church was closed in 1890.  It is still not known how many burials remain in this site.

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