Saturday, June 18, 2011

Petchville Cemetery (Wesley Corners), Aurora.

Wesley Pioneer Cemetery Gate

Known Burials up to 2004.

Markers for Jonathon & Sarah Gale Petch
Early Settlers of area  and original  land owners

Robert Lyon
First Master of  Sunrise Lodge
Aurora 1860 

Petchville Cemetery (Wesley Corners) aka Wesley Pioneer Cemetery is located at the N/W corner of Aurora Road and Woodbine Avenue in Aurora. The area was originally known as Petchville and Gooseville.

Jonathan and Sarah Gale Petch settled the land in 1818, because it was a clergy reserve they were unable to purchase it until 1840.  In 1847 Jonathan donated the land for a Wesleyan Methodist Church.  It is believed that the cemetery was originally used as the Petch family burial ground, then later used by the members of the community.

In 1932, John Petch, Jonathan's great-grandson deeded the property to the cemetery trustees. The earliest tombstone is dated 1814 for Hannah Hacking aged 3 years. Both Jonathan and Sarah along with many family members and their decedents are buried in this cemetery.

The church is still an active parish of the United Church of Canada and the cemetery still receive burials for those with family plots.

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