Thursday, May 19, 2011

St. Paul's Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Vaughan

St. Paul's Presbyterian Church

Pioneer Headstone Cairn

Dedication to Pioneers

Mackenzie Family Grave

Marker for Major Addison Alexander Mackenzie  M.C.

St. Paul's Vaughan Cemetery, aka Scotch Church Cemetery, aka Upper Corner Cemetery, aka Seventh Line Church Cemetery is located on the west side of Pine Valley Drive, north of Rutherford Road in the Woodbridge area of the City of Vaughan.  The land was purchased by the trustees for a church an burial ground in 1844, the first church was a log structure 38' x 30' built in 1845.  There were no pews in the first church until 1847.  The present day church was built in 1888 and is still an active parish in the City of Vaughan.  

The earliest burial was in 1844 most of the pioneer head stones have been gathered into a cross shaped cairn which is located at the north west side of the property where the original cemetery was located.  The cemetery is still active and is managed by a cemetery board.  The fence at the front of the property was donated by Mrs. William Cribb in 1962 to the memory of family and friends.  

Notable burial is that of Major Addison Alexander Mackenzie M.C.  Major Mackenzie was a notable political figure in the Vaughan area during his time.  The City Hall for the City of Vaughan is located on Major Mackenzie Drive, a street named in his honor, there are also numerous schools and park areas named for him as well. Major Mackenzie died in May, 1970 after a distinguished political career both locally and in the provincial legislature.

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