Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Huttonville Cemetery, Brampton

Dedication by Brampton Heritage Board

Headstone Cairn

Leflar Monument

Founder of Huttonville
known originally a Hutton's Mill

Huttonville Cemetery,aka Springbrook Methodist Episcopal Cemetery is located on the east side of Mississauga Road South of Bovaird Drive, (Hwy 7) in Brampton.  The land was originally granted to John Frank on April 15, 1830 in 1831 the title was passed to Joseph Leflar. That same year, Leflar deed one acre to the M.E. Church for the use of a cemetery. A Church did stand here sometime before 1877. The first burial was in 1841 for the four children of Abraham and Susannah Scott, the last was in 1930.  Joseph Leflar and two of his children area buried here, their grave is marked by a tall square monument located at the front of the property.  

The land was never formally surveyed which is why the original graves were in irregular rows. The cemetery was turned over to the City of Brampton in 1983 and the majority of the headstones were gathered into a cairn at the center of the cemetery.  This site was designated a heritage site by the Brampton Heritage Board that same year.

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