Saturday, April 23, 2011

St. Andrew's Presbyterian Cemetery (Strange) King Twp.

St. Andrew's Presbyterian Cemetery

Pioneer Headstones & Former Church Building

Rear of Property, Older Headstones
St. Andrew's Presbyterian Cemetery, Strange, is located on the west side of Weston Road, north of King Road, in King Twp.  The land was purchased from Andrew and Mary Norton on December 26, 1853 by the church trustees for a church, manor and burial ground.  Church services had been held prior to this in a log structure since 1834.  The present day building, now a private home, was built in 1860.  The church continued here until 1958. At that time the congregations amalgamated with St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church in Everslery, (King City). The cemetery was closed the same year.  The cemetery is administered by St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, King City.

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