Saturday, April 30, 2011

Derry West Anglican Cemetery, Mississauga

The Founding of Derry West

Submerged Headstone

Sunken Headstones

Derry West Anglican Cemetery is located on the N/W corner of Derry Road and Hurontario Street in the City of Mississauga. It was the site of the original Hurontario Anglican Church, established in 1822.  Joseph Carter received a crown grant for 200 acres.  On this concession he built a small log church which opened on July 27th, 1829.  The corner stone was blessed with whiskey brought from the hotel located across the road.  Bishop Strachan refused to grant holy orders for the church stating that it had begun in drunkenness and ribaldry.  After, a disappointed Carter sold the farm to William Orr, but the 1/2 acre on which the church sat was deeded to the Church of England.  In 1843 the rough cast church was replaced with a mud brick building

Derry West was named by George Graham who's forefathers fought at Londonderry Ireland.  In 1867 the small hamlet was swept by fire, from which it never really recovered. There is no trace of the earlier burials from 1829 to 1840.  The earliest maker is that of Ann Nixon 1842, which is towards the rear of the property and is laying flat in the ground.  The last burial is that of Mary Graham in 1936.  The cemetery is under the care of the City of Mississauga.  

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