Monday, March 14, 2011

Page's Methodist Episcopal Cemetery, Brampton

Gate to Page's Cemetery

Page's Methodist Episcopal Cemetery aka Ostranders was established on August 6, 1845. The land was sold by Aaron Page for the sum of 21 shillings to the Trustees of the Methodist Episcopal Church. An M.E. Church was recorded on this site in the census of 1851.  The nearest village was Hutton's Mill, now Huttonville, which is now part of the City of Brampton.

Page's Church as it became to be known stood on the N/E corner of the property, it was eventually sold an then later demolished. The congregations of Page's and Springbrook Churches were moved to a new location in Huttonville and became know as the Huttonville Methodist Church in 1886.  In 1925 this church became part of the United Church of Canada, and therefore became known as Huttonville United Church.

The earliest headstone is that of George Warner 1 yr 6mons, August 6, 1849 the latest burial was in 2003.  The Ostrander's name may possibly come from the fact that there are over 20 burials for this family on this site and that most of the land that surrounded the cemetery belonged to the Ostrander family.  There are only two burials for the Page family, one is the 13 year old daughter of Aaron Page and an infant nephew both in 1852. Their headstones are located in the cairn at the s/w end of the property and are barely legible.

The cemetery was placed in the care of the City of Brampton in 1983. A cairn is located in the S/E section dedicated to the memory of the pioneers who settled the Huttonville area.

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