Monday, March 14, 2011

Heise Hill Cemetery, Markham

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Heise Hill Cemetery, aka Heise Hill Dunkard Cemetery was established circa 1815 going by the oldest marker which was legible until the 1940's. The cemetery and church are located on the west side of Woodbine Ave south of Stouffville Rd in the Town of Markham. 

The simple but modern day church on the site still conducts services for the Brethren in Christ Congregation. The cemetery is still active and is managed by the Heise Hill Cemetery Board. The church is named for Christian Heise the first Decon of the Tunker Church.

The Tunkers or Dunkars immigrated to Canada from Lancaster County Pennsylvania in 1788. The name "Tunker" or "Dunker" is reference to their practice of baptism (from the German word meaning "to dip"). There are a number of such cemeteries and meeting houses still present in York Region.

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