Saturday, February 19, 2011

Lundy's Family Farm & Mount Oliver Wesleyan Methodist Cemeteries, Brampton

Lundy's Farm Family Burial Ground and Mount Olivet Wesleyan Methodist Church Cemetery are located on the west side of Dixie Rd just north of Northpark Dr. in the City of Brampton. Although located in close proximity of each other, they are in fact two distinct cemeteries.  The Wesleyan Methodist Cemetery was est in 1851 on land donated by Able and Sarah Stafford. At the north west corner of the property stood a stone church which was demolished in 1950.  Remnants of its foundations can still be seen.

It is not really known why the Lundy's chose to bury separately, one reason may be that the first burial in the family occurred before the Wesleyan Methodist Cemetery was established and that they just continued to use the north lot.  Francis Lundy originated from Ireland and came to Upper Canada in 1823. He was given the land as a Crown Grant.  His farm was located to the north of the burial ground where the subdivision is now.

Francis Lundy his wife, four of his children and three grandchildren are buried at this location.  A gate once stood on the Dixie Rd side that was donated by his great-great grandchildren.  Both cemeteries are now owned and cared for by the City of Brampton.

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