Sunday, December 5, 2010

Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church Cemetery, Concord

Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church
   The Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church Cemetery was est around 1807.  Located on the east side of Keele Street north of Langstaff Road  in Concord, it was here that the founding of the Canadian Synod of the Lutheran Church took place in 1861.  The original church building on this site was constructed in 1819, it was then replaced with the present building in 1860, the church still conducts services to this day.  Many names found on the tomb stones in this cemetery, such as Jacob Keefer, Isaac Murray, Oster, Troyer and Atkinson are now familiar street names within the City of Vaughan.

Keffer Memorial


Old Head Stones cira 1835 & 1836

Isaac Murray Monument

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