Thursday, December 23, 2010

Providence Primitive Methodist Cemetery, Sandhill

Main Gates of Providence Cemetery, Sandhill
Providence Methodist Cemetery was est. in 1823. The church seen in the back ground was built in 1906. It is plain and austere which was the style of many Methodist churches of that era. The church is no longer used for regular services.  The land that the cemetery and church are situated was donated by a Mr. Finch around 1823, the first church was built in 1860.  Up until that time people worshiped across the road at the home of Mr. Laycock and then later at the home of Mr. Isaac Thompson.  The cemetery is perhaps the oldest in Albion Twp and was the first to be incorporated in the Twp.  The earliest know burial is that of Thomas Blakeney in 1825. The cemetery is still active.

Grave of Pastor John A Hanna

The grave stone had been displaced from its foundation by a tree that appears to sprout directly from the grave. This is the burial site of Pastor John A Hanna, Pastor of St. Mary's Church in Midland.

Old headstones

Pioneer Headstones

This group of pioneer headstones is located on the north side of the church. Most are still quite legible but some are just fragments. There are still a number of pioneer or settler headstones located on this side that are not in the group cairn.

Corner Stone of Church Building

The corner stone which is located above the door to the church, simply states Providence Cemetery Co. 1906, which would have been when the cemetery was incorporated.


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